The statutes of the State of Illinois provide forms for both Powers of Attorney. They are often changed by the legislature.

  1. FOR HEALTHCARE. It is essential that everyone have one of these Powers. Hospitals normally make the individual complete one if they don’t already have one. The purpose of this Power is to allow you to appoint an agent to act on your behalf if you should become incompetent. This one Power accomplishes several goals. First, you can donate organs through the terms of the document. There are three choices as to the level of care you may designate to the agent as to the level of care they have in the case of your pending death. The document also provides for the time that the Power should take effect, upon your signature or upon the determination of your becoming incompetent. The Power always ends at the time of your death. There should be at least two choices for agents in this document, however, two agents cannot act at the same time as co-agents. Successor agents are named to replace the original choice if they
    are unable or unwilling to act. Without this document, you are leaving your medical care to your physician and family members.
  2. FOR PROPERTY. This document allows an individual to chose an agent to have
    control over the assets in the event that he/she is unable to manage their own assets. This Power also allows the individual to specify a time that the Power becomes effective and this Power also terminates upon death. At least two agents should be chosen , but again, there can be no coagents. This Power allows your agent to pay your bills and expenses if you are not able to do so.

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